Coffee Solution For Business

Bringing an Aromatic Sensory Experience to Your Workplace

Over the years, Hiang Kie Coffee is a provider of total coffee solution for commercial businesses. From coffee machine hire and rental, coffee beans roasting, and supplementary ingredients sourcing; to cost analysis, bar & café planning, installation, professional training, maintenance, and servicing. We have the ability to transform your office into a relaxing café corner, letting you and your coworkers or guests to enjoy the perfect cup.

Suitable Businesses

Industrial and commercial organization, government body, bank, hotel, clubhouse, school, hospital, etc.

Incredible Coffee

We have more than ten flavors of coffee to choose from to suit different needs, including single-origin coffee, specialty coffee, and blends sources from the best coffee growing countries. As well as a system of certificates supporting our products and reinforcing our corporate social responsibility, such as Fairtrade International, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, and Colombian Coffee Certification.


Leading Equipment

A professional set of coffee equipment not only elevates coffee quality and corporate image, but also eliminates operational problems, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you. We are the distributors of many internationally renowned coffee machine brands, providing semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machines, consumable supplements and professional and reliable maintenance services suitable for different enterprise scales.

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