JWP Tea Series

JWP Ceylon Black Tea

JWP Ceylon Black Tea is delicately selected and blended by our experienced Tea Masters. Every bag of the tea has passed our stringent quality control system and endorsed by Tea Masters in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong. This tea series is strong tea taste and rich in mouth feeling which suits all local people’s taste.

JWP Tea Pouch

With years of experience in providing coffee pouch to catering market, Hiang Kie Coffee Group applies the same concept to produce tea pouch for restaurants and cafes. It includes iced lemon tea, iced tea and other herbal fruit tea pouch. It brings great convenience to operators with consistent tea quality.

JWP Ceylon Tea Bag

The packing box with Lion Logo means the tea leaf and packaging process are 100% from Sri Lanka. The Lion Logo represents high quality of Ceylon tea & guaranteed of country of origin by Sri Lanka Tea Board. A single-served Ceylon teabag can brings delicate fragrance and rich tea flavor, and it is suitable for making hot or iced lemon tea and milk tea. Serve in every morning to enjoy “Joy with Passion”!

JWP Cold Brewed Tea Series

Cold brewed tea is a popular beverage in summer. Cold brewing preserves a large number of possible bioactive chemicals have been proposed. Natural, nourishment and health are features of our cold brewed tea. Our series of flavours include green tea, black tea and herbal tea. Every pyramid tea bag contains whole leaf tea which provide you with more flavour & aroma, assure the best tasting cup of tea. They are good choices for tea lovers.

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