Both Brewista and Bonavita are under Lay Grand group in America. Lay Grand is dedicated to the research and development of professional specialty coffee machines, coffee tools, coffee beans and other related products. Moreover, it commits to promote coffee culture and it has a professional R & D team and laboratory in the United States .

2016, Lay Grand Group combined the design elements of modern aesthetics, simplicity and oriental rhyme, re-allocated its resources and definitions, while retaining the original Bonavita brand product design ideas at the same time, transform “Bonavita pro concept” and re-define it as Brewista. Therefore, Bonavita is dedicated to innovative ideas in perfect cup of coffee and tea, while Brewista brings the pleasurable experience of coffee and tea.

Brewista divides it into Brewista and Brewista Artisan (artisan version) two parts, both include coffee brewing, coffee aesthetics and cold extraction coffee three main categories.

In new Brewista Artisan series, 0.6L variable temperature kettle is the flagship product of this kind. The range of product in this series also includes 0.7L stovetop kettles, hourglass brewers, Tornado glass drippers and second generation smart scales etc.

Same as Bonavita, Hiang Kie Coffee Group is also the sole agent of this new series brand.


Variable Temperature Kettles

Stovetop Kettles

Hourglass Brewers

Smart Travel Mugs

Glass Drippers

Brewista Accessories

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