Hiang Kie Coffee Group directly imports quality Ceylon tea from different regions and provides a range of tea choices including tea bags, organic tea, loose tea, herbal tea, etc. We are also dedicated to formulating a vast variety of tea blends for different bar operations in both western and Hong Kong styles.

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JWP Artisan

We carefully select exquisitely rare tea from the finest tea producing regions, refined by international master tea blenders, always creating the finest taste with consistent quality and a unique story for each tea.

JWP Fresh Brew

The concept of "Fresh Brew" is to provide tea drinkers a way to get a cup of tea freshly-brewed. The premium ingredient is blended specifically from various regions, which provides you with more flavor and aroma, assuring the best tasting cup of tea. It aims to satisfy tea lovers' expectations with high quality outcome.

JWP Tea Pouch

With years of experience in providing coffee pouch to catering market, Hiang Kie Coffee Group applies the same concept to produce tea pouch for restaurants and cafes. It includes iced lemon tea, iced tea and other herbal fruit tea pouch. It brings great convenience to operators with consistent tea quality.

HKCG HK Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong style milk tea is one of the local unique tea shop culture. A cup of good color, smell and taste of tea is generally served by blended tea. By using premium imported tea from different regions and a fine silk-like cotton bag to brew the tea, adding some full cream or skimmed evaporated milk, we are confident to serve you a perfect cup of tea to meet your desired flavor and the stringent requirements of your customers.

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We are coffee connoisseurs who supply top-notch beans, equipment, and coffee-loving professionals to ensure operational efficiency in your cafe.


We combine our supply of quality coffee machines and tea brewers from all over Asia with our expertise in European and American roasting techniques to provide solutions.


With hospitality as our main priority, we only distribute renowned brands of beverage equipment and deploy technicians who are experienced and well-trained.

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